CMS INTELLICAD advanced rendering

CMS INTELLICAD advanced rendering

CAD-Manufacturing Solutions Inc (CMS) is the first member of the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium to join the 'ARTISAN for IntelliCAD' Special Interest Group (SIG).

On the very first day of launch of the product, CMS signed the membership agreement to distribute ARTISAN to users of their IntelliCAD-based solutions. Vitor Neves, the President of CMS, said "IntelliCAD users will get high-end professional rendering work easily done with Artisan rendering tool for IntelliCAD.”

This additional advanced rendering tool will included at the next CMS INTELLICAD release.

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CAD Manufacturing Solutions Inc.

Con gran experiencia en construcción, fabricación, industria, desarrollo de proyectos, gestión y diseño, las personas por detrás de CAD-Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. se dedican al desarrollo de soluciones de diseño para software CAD y producción/fabricación desde hace más de 30 años.